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Our History

Where we began


Miller's Cleaners began in September 1977 by Dan and Betty Miller.  Their first location was Minsia Cleaners near North High School.  The second location was in Seneca Square and the Double Indian head logo was established, signifying to the Miller's that no matter what came their way, they had one another's back. Dan and Betty have two children and raised them essentially in the business, Craig remembers fondly being in baskets to keep him out of trouble and a palette under his mom's desk when he couldn't go to school because he was sick. Bringing family owned and operated to a new level.

 Miller's Cleaners has undergone quite few changes through the years and in 2012, Dan and Betty Miller decided 35 years in the business was enough and  it was time to retire passing the totem to their son Craig Miller. Now we use the term retired loosely when it comes to Dan, as he can still be found at our production plant most days. Betty Miller on the other hand enjoys the daily activities of retirement. Betty spends her time with the grand kids and they keep her plenty busy. 

 Craig Miller following the family tradition has dedicated himself to running the family business his kids too, can be found at the cleaners from time to time. 

Craig has made improvements to not only the business but also to improving the environment, by lessening the company's carbon imprint. 

Recycling programs are available at all Miller's locations for customers to utilize, Craig's efforts to make the world a better place can be seen through out the company. Miller's use plastic hangers on Laundered shirts and all of the poly bags are bio-degradable. Miller's offers hanger caddies to make it easier for our customers to participate as well. Miller's recycles all plastic, steel, paper and cardboard used within the company. 

 The "Miller Recycling center” takes all of Miller's loose poly, cardboard boxes, mixed paper products and plastic bottles. The recycling center does not take wire hangers we try to reuse returned hangers, hangers that are no longer suitable for our use are then made available free of charge. Currently, for Laundered shirts Miller's selected a polypropylene (plastic) hanger that is completely recyclable, reusable, and emits very little toxins if thrown away.  Finally, our cleaning process uses petroleum solvent.  Petroleum based solvents do not emit toxic or environmental waste.


Throughout the years Miller's Cleaners has supported a number of School organizational events, Churches and other private organizations. Miller's is a proud member of this community.  

Miller's proudly supports Dress for Success of Wichita and all 6 location serve as a drop off location for others who are willing to donate to their cause. Miller's delivers all donations once a week to help in their effort to changing women's lives for the betterment of themselves and the community.

Together we can achieve anything.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for..

The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the best of Yourself.

our staff

Dan Miller

Founder- status- retired, but still found at the plant from time to time.

Founder, retired but still found around the main production facility from time to time.

Craig Miller


2nd Generation Dry Cleaners. Owner.

 Our Fearless Leader.

Caryl Gibson

General Manger, side-kick to the owner, employed with Miller's Cleaners 25 years.

General Manager aka SIDE KICK.

25 years with Miller's Cleaners.

Amber Hall

Amber has been employed for roughly 3 years. Dry Cleaner.

Employed 3 years. Dry Cleaner.